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Personal Endowment

A Personal Legacy of Giving

What is a Personal Endowment?

A personal endowment is a charitable fund established in your name (or in the name of a loved one) through the Florida Baptist Foundation. 

When do I fund my Personal Endowment?

You can set up your Personal Endowment today and then fund it when it is convenient to you. Your personal endowment can be funded either today or through your estate plan or Will.

Can I fund multiple ministries with my Personal Endowment?

Your personal endowment is customized to meet your giving desires. You can establish it to assist a single ministry or multiple ministries. Once your Personal Endowment is funded, the earnings of the fund will benefit the ministry or ministries for which you wish to provide support.

Can I make changes to my Personal Endowment?

After your Personal Endowment is established, you can easily make changes, additions or corrections to it without changing your Will or Trust.

What does it cost to establish my Personal Endowment?

Florida Baptist Foundation does not charge anything to establish a Personal Endowment.

How do I set up my Personal Endowment?

Step 1: Make a decision to establish your Personal Endowment.

Step 2: Complete the agreement and mail it back to the Florida Baptist Foundation.  For a copy of the agreement, click here.

Step 3: Provide the Will language form to your attorney to be included in your Will or Trust. For a copy of the sample language, click here.

Your personal endowment provides a permanent legacy of your stewardship and for the ministries that are dear to your heart. Contact us today at (800) 780-0325 ext. 228 or via email for a personal, no obligation discussion.