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Our Staff

Our Staff

Eddie L. McClelland

Executive Director/Treasurer

(August 1989 - Present)
In addition to serving as President/CEO of Financial Services, Eddie serves as Executive Director of Florida Baptist Foundation and President of Florida Baptist Retirement Centers, Inc. and Church Growth Investment Fund, Inc.

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3222
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 222
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0402

Michael J. Rhine

Director of Church Finance

(October 2002 - Present)
Mike assists Florida Baptist churches with their lending needs through our church loan programs. Mike also manages the day to day operations of Church Growth Investment Fund.  He would be happy to help your church or association with workshops or seminars.

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3227
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 227
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0400

R. Michael Morgan, CFP, CEP

Investments and Planned Giving Administrator

(August 2002 - Present)
Mike is available to answer your questions about investments and estate and stewardship planning. He is qualified to give workshops and seminars in your association or church group meeting.

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3228
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 228
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0408

Audrey Barbour

Director of Accounting

(August 2019 - Present)
Audrey is responsible for the financial area of the Foundation which basically falls into two categories - the financial operations of the Foundation and financial administration of the trusts and investments that are held by the Foundation. 

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3229
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 229
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0410

Lisa Cox

Administrative Assistant

(October 2004 - Present)
Lisa serves as the receptionist and administrative assistant for the Florida Baptist Foundation. She works with the staff in various office functions.

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3225
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 225
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0405

Lisa Freeland

Financial Administrative Assistant

(March 2017 - Present)
Lisa assists CGIF investment clients with their accounts.  She answers client's questions and performs transactions on their accounts.  Lisa also works with payment processing on our church loans.

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3221
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 221
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0401

Paula Rentz

Financial Assistant - Accounting

(October 1999 - Present)
Paula assists the Controller in all matters relative to the financial and fiscal affairs of the Foundation. She prepares trust transactions as well as the distributions to our beneficiaries.

 Direct Phone:   (904) 345-3230
 Toll Free:   (800) 780-0325 ext. 230
 Direct Fax:   (904) 694-0404