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Legacy Giving

So where should you begin? 

First you consider what you want to achieve:

Giving back to a ministry or church by creating an endowment to meet its future needs? Ensuring that a favorite ministry or organization will receive support far into the future? Finding a cost efficient way to make gifts? Maximizing tax advantages in any given year? Finding a way to involve family members in charitable giving? Remembering or honoring a loved one? 

Next, consider the giving options and decide how and when you want to give:

An outright gift such as cash, securities, or real estate? 
A deferred gift using a vehicle such as a trust, insurance policy or an IRA? 
A bequest through your will? 

Then, in consultation with you and/or with your professional advisor,

The Florida Baptist Foundation will help you design a flexible and personal charitable legacy: The Florida Baptist Foundation makes it easy for you to connect generosity with need.

Posted by Michael Rhine at 7:33 AM