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Current CGIF Yields

CGIF Certificate of Participation Yields

Type Yield
Demand Certificates 1.80%
Loan Reserve Certificates 0.50%
Time Certificates*  
1 Year Time Certificate 2.25%
3 Year Time Certificate 2.75%
5 Year Time Certificate 3.20%
7 Year Time Certificate 3.50%

As of December 1, 2019

All Certificates with a balance over $100,000 receive an additional 0.10%  on the yield. Yields are subject to change.  You may add to an existing Time Certificate at any time.

CGIF is available to individuals as well as churches and corporations who are members of a limited class of investors.  CGIF is offered by prospectus only.  For a prospectus, click here  or contact us at (904) 345-3221.  To add funds to an existing investment or to open a new investment for an existing account, please complete the deposit form and return it with your funds.