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Current CGIF Yields

CGIF Certificate of Participation Yields

Type Yield
Demand Certificates 1.60%
Loan Reserve Certificates 0.15%
Time Certificates*  
1 Year Time Certificate 2.00%
3 Year Time Certificate 2.50%
5 Year Time Certificate 2.70%
7 Year Time Certificate 3.00%

As of September 1st, 2022

All Certificates with a balance over $100,000 receive an additional 0.10%  on the yield. Yields are subject to change. 

CGIF is available to individuals as well as churches and corporations who are members of a limited class of investors.  CGIF is offered by prospectus only.  For a prospectus, click here  or contact us at (904) 345-3221.  To add funds to an existing investment or to open a new investment for an existing account, please complete the deposit form and return it with your funds.