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Church Growth Investment Fund


Church Growth Investment FundSM offers Florida Baptists the opportunity to receive a competitive return on investment and also participate in the financing of new churches, missions and other Christian institutional facilities.

Funds invested in the Church Growth Investment FundSM are conservatively managed, but still provide a competitive return for investors.

The financial resources invested in the Fund are pooled to underwrite first and second mortgage loans to churches, new missions and agencies affiliated with the Florida Baptist Convention.  God is working miracles of church growth, so loan demand continues to grow.  Your deposits are needed to fund well-underwritten loans. Thus, your investment can have a direct impact in building God’s Kingdom in Florida and around the world. We have prepared a short video to explain our history and mission.

Church Growth Investment FundSM Basics:

  • Minimum deposit and balance of $1,000 for most accounts ($3,000 for IRA accounts.
  • One free withdrawal per month ($5 each additional withdrawal) on Demand Certificates, Corporate Demand Certificates and Kingdom Impact Certificates.
  • Unlimited number of deposits monthly on Demand Certificates and Corporate Demand Certificates.  To make an additional deposit to an existing investment or to open a new investment under an existing account, please complete the deposit form and mail it to us with your funds..
  • In most cases, if a withdrawal request is received via fax or mail by noon, the check will be mailed the same day.
  • Monthly statements to investors.
  • Competitive interest rates. Interest earned daily and credited monthly. For current rates, click here.
  • Time Certificates and IRAs are available. See the Offering Circular for penalty for early withdrawal of Time Certificates.

Church Growth Investment FundSM is sold by offering circular only. Click here for a current offering circular or contact us at (904) 345-3221 if you have any questions.