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Florida Baptist Foundation

Provide for the needs of the family and the needs of the Lord's work

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Asset planning with trusts, endowments and charitable gifts

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Church Growth Investment Fund

Receive competitive returns on investments and partner in the financing of new churches and other Christian facilities

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Stewardship Simplified is…


Making more time for ministry
Increasing your resources
Churches helping churches
Working with Churches to advance the Gospel

Financial challenges can be daunting and complex and so want to simplify this for you. Florida Baptist Financial Services is the ONE-STOP solution for all of your financial needs. Through our Foundation, we serve as counselors and trustees for more than 1300 trusts and management agreements. Those financial arrangements have benefited individuals, churches, and the missions and ministry efforts of Florida Baptist institutions and agencies. We can and desire to assist you and your church with Estate Planning Services.

Through Church Growth Investment FundSM, we assist churches to get the capital that they need to buy real estate, build buildings, and renovate their existing facilities. Those monies come from Florida Baptists individuals and organizations who invest into the fund getting a competitive rate of return by lending those monies out to churches. It’s God’s people helping God’s people in accomplishing God’s mission in Florida.

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The Florida Baptist Foundation offers church financing through Church Growth Investment Fund.  To date, we have funded over $200,000,000 in church loans.  

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CGIF Certificate of Participation Yields
Type Yield
Demand Certificates 1.35%
Loan Reserve Certificates 0.15%
Time Certificates*  
1 Year Time Certificate 1.70%
3 Year Time Certificate 2.50%
5 Year Time Certificate 2.70%
7 Year Time Certificate 3.00%

As of August 1st, 2022