Kingdom Impact Certificate of Participation

Approved Ministry Partners


When you invest in a Kingdom Impact Certificate of Participation with Church Growth Investment Fund, you not only receive a competitive interest yield, you also help support ministry. Church Growth Investment Fund will make a donation to the approved ministry of your choice based upon the funds you have invested in the Kingdom Impact Certificates. The following is a listing of the approved ministry partners:

Local State Convention

Donations to your local State Convention support church planting, evangelism and other mission work in your state.


Lottie Moon Offering

Donations to the Lottie Moon offering are used to support missionaries around the world.  


Annie Armstrong Offering

Donations to the Annie Armstrong offering are used to support church planting and other ministries in the United States and Canada.


Christian Light Ministries, Inc.

Donations to Christian Light Ministries are used to support the operations of this mission sending organization.  Christian Light Ministries was founded in 1973 to be an effective vehicle for reaching souls for Christ by providing assistance and support for missionaries, pastors and evangelists.  For more information on this ministry, visit their website,


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