CGIF Certificate of Participation Yields

                   As of April 1, 2018

                   Type                                          Yield

     Demand Certificates                               1.50%

     Loan Reserve Certificates                       0.45%

     Time Certificates*

            1 Year Time Certificate                    2.00%

            3 Year Time Certificate                    2.50%

            5 Year Time Certificate                    3.10%

            7 Year Time Certificate                    3.50%

All Certificates with a balance over $100,000 receive an additional 0.10%  on the yield.


Yields are subject to change.  You may add to an existing Time Certificate at any time.

CGIF is available to individuals as well as churches and corporations who are members

of a limited class of investors.  CGIF is offered by prospectus only.  For a prospectus,

click here  or contact us at (904) 345-3221.


    Any Time Certificate issued after October 1, 2014 includes a one-time "Raise

      The Rate" feature.  During the term of your Time Certificate, if yields go up on

      a like term Time Certificate, you can notify us in writing that you would like to

      "Raise The Rate" and we will raise the yield to the current yield for the

      remaining term of your Time Certificate.  This feature is available one time

      for each Time Certificate and is available for a limited time.     



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